Portrait of a young Max Prantl


‘You should not revere me, you should love me, if you yourself want it. Do not call me 'Lord', call me 'You'. I want you to be on a par with me, if you yourself want it. Talking to others about me, you should call me 'It'. You should not revere anybody or anything. You should not bow to anything or anybody. You just should love, because you yourself want it'.

 ‘The new order on earth, the gradual formation of the millenial empire of Christ on earth must involve all areas of life. Because of the separating differences of mind everyone, from the ripe spiritual to the simpliest mind, must have the opportunity to choose and devote himself - in a certain field, compatible with his being - with glowing conviction to the divine order of life on earth. Everybody will do so according to his personal character and level of spiritual evolution, by serving the new social and spiritual order'.




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